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Would you like to feel NOURISHED AND PAMPERED in all aspects of your Being?

This Unique Pamper Package has been designed specifically for women who have a need to replenish their energy and deserve some R & R time.

Be taken on a guided journey with three leading women through yoga; self awareness; and happiness in a tranquil, picturesque location. Be treated with a holistic experience to feel:

* empowered

* clarity

* happy

* healthy

* nourished

* relaxed

* energised

* replenished

* renewed

Your guides are 3 empowering heart-centred‍‍ women, whose intention is to Pamper you from the Inside Out and provide tips and tricks to incorporate in your everyday.

Registration opens at 8:30am and Retreat commences at 9:00am.

You will be invited to explore and share in:

* Breath Awareness and Movement

* Heightened Awareness of Your Effects of your Thoughts on your Self

* Eating with Awareness, Sugar Addiction, using Feminine Energy to Nourish your Body, Mind and Soul

* How to create good Happiness Habits, explore how Emotions affect you, Raise your current Happiness Levels

* A lovingly prepared morning tea and light lunch of fresh, locally sourced produce and home made healthy treats

This Retreat is uniquely designed to support the energy of a small group of women (limited to 10), so book your ticket now.

Pampering Retreat Leaders:

Sue Kirkpatrick-Laird from Move with Grace

Mary Cull from Guided Coaching

Kylie Dean from Small Steps to Happiness

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We hope you can join us!

with Love, Health and Happiness

Kylie x


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